Tamil Net

TamilNet is an independent and not-for-profit newswire service that provides up to date news with Tamil perspective on issues concerning Tamil people in the island of Sri Lanka. Receiving on average half a million visits per month, it has developed into a mainstream news source on issues pertaining to the Sri Lankan conflict. The organisation, with specific requirements and expectations of a professional institution, is embarking a project journey of transformation into an institution with dedicated resources to cope with the development needs of a state of the art newswire.

Established in June 1995 as an electronic mailing list, TamilNet has emerged into a newswire service with dedicated reporters, special correspondents and feature writers since it launched its web based newswire service on 07 June 1997.

Since then, TamilNet has progressively expanded its reporter network with the aim of presenting an accessible and credible coverage concerning the developments on the ground, specially in the NorthEast of the island.