Ananda Vikatan

Ananda Vikatan (Tamil: ஆனந்த விகடன்) is the leading Tamil language weekly magazine published from Chennai, India. It is part of Vasan Publications, the Vikatan magazine group, which also publishes Junior Vikatan (ஜூனியர் விகடன்), Chutti Vikatan (சுட்டி விகடன்), Aval Vikatan ( அவள் விகடன் ), Naanayam Vikatan (நாணயம் விகடன்), Sakthi Vikatan (சக்தி விகடன்), Motor Vikatan (மோட்டார் விகடன்), Pasumai Vikatan ( ), Doctor Vikatan (டாக்டர் விகடன்), TimePass (டைம்பாஸ்), Aval Manamagal (அவள் மணமகள்), Aval Kitchen (அவள் கிச்சன்) and Vikatan Deepavali Malar (விகடன் தீபாவளி மலர்)

Vikatan was started by S. S. Vasan in 1928 when he purchased a humour magazine that was not doing well for Rs. 200.[1] Working hard, he built it up into a weekly and sales soon rose. Ananda Vikatan is still running successfully after nearly eighty years. Veteran journalist and media personality S. Balasubramanian served as editor, managing director and publisher of the magazine for nearly 50 years till 2006.

In addition to making the magazine a trendsetter for more than four decades directly as chief editor, Balasubramanian also mentored generations of journalists and writers. He also started the "Manavar Thittam" or student journalism scheme that is still functioning after close to 30 years. He also launched Junior Vikatan, a bieweekly Tamil investigative journal in the 1980s in addition to his many accomplishments as Vikatan's publisher. He was the son of S. S. Vasan and continues to be Chairman Emeritus of the group after handing over the reins to his son B. Srinivasan.