On August 1, 1939, the newspaper shifted to Kottayam, which has since become a nerve center for printing and publishing in the state. To give it a more secular outlook, its name was also then changed to Deepika. Over the years, Deepika has continued to make a strong impact on the masses, becoming the voice of the voiceless, staunchly standing out for truth, justice, freedom and equality for all. It is today a credible, authentic, secular and dignified newspaper committed to genuine social, cultural and ethical values. It is a mouthpiece of the oppressed, a source of inspiration for many and has carved out a distinctive personality for itself in the world of newspapers in Kerala; bravely and boldly leading by example from the front.

In 1986, Deepika's year-long centenary celebrations were inaugurated by Pope John Paul II and the newspaper commemorated its 100th year of publication in April 1987. Well over the past 128 years, Deepika has grown in strength and stature, standing out boldly for the people, fearing and favoring none. It has relentlessly fought for the well being of farmers, the weaker sections and the rights of the minorities, irrespective of caste or creed. It has also maintained a neutral political stand, earning the appreciation of politicians and leaders, both national and regional, which has helped it earn added credibility and respect.

In August 1989, Deepika was converted into a Public Limited Company, Rashtra Deepika Ltd. This was to facilitate the organization to gain corporate dimensions, stimulation and new ethos so as to enable it to meet the myriad challenges of the ever growing and highly competitive world. The event has been the turning point in the history of the organization, which has grown leaps and bounds,ever since.