Seema Sandesh

While a person may have omitted, but his idea of truth can not decay. 'Limit-word' vibrant testimony to the fact. Pandit Sharma kamalnayan six decades ago sowed the seeds in the newly-irrigated Doron. They are committed to social uplift political thought, but also the profound sense revolutionary figures. Jivndrshn the natural man tied with a rope, who lives not only challenged the harsh nudity, but all sorts of pleasant-tragic consequences accepted. Said Doron meaningful chance in the land of the seed has openly Prsfutn.

Despite all of the time to death 'border-word' in the short term for the oppressed and the destitute class became dense shade giving tree. Pandit Sharma, the founder of the society exploited kamalnayan effort is venerable and leading the media today. Injustice, exploitation and social inequality, the battle of the example of the axiom 'border-message "Pandit kamalnayan is carrying the torch of the mission.r