NavBharat Times

Navbharat Times (NBT) is one of the largest circulated as well as largest read Hindi newspaper of Delhi and Mumbai and Lucknow. It is from the stable of Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd, which also publishes other dailies including The Times of India, The Economic Times, Maharashtra Times and also magazines such as Filmfare and Femina. NBT is one of the oldest product of the group .

NBT has a circulation of 4.23 lakh odd copies (source: JJ-10, ABC India) in Delhi and a strong readership of 19.7 lakh readers. Hindi being the second language in Mumbai; NBT circulates to 130,000 copies in the Greater Mumbai area (source JD-10, ABC India) and attracts 470,000 NBT readers according to the industry benchmark – the Indian Readership Survey (source: IRS Survey R4, 2010). NBT has been the number one newspaper in the respective cities since its inception.

The first issue of Navbharat Times hit the stands on 3 April 1947, the year India gained its independence. It was the only Hindi publication those days to use rotary machines for producing the paper. A skeletal staff of 12 people used to produce a six-page newspaper that was then sold for one anna. The publication was led by few of the renowned Hindi journalists and was considered to be mecca of journalism. NBT was the first Hindi national newspaper those days with editions in Kolkata, Lucknow, Patna and Jaipur. However NBT now has editions only in Delhi and Mumbai and Lucknow. Delhi's upcountry edition was also shut down to give more value to the advertisers, even as would serve outside audiences