Hari Bhoomi

Hari Bhoomi(hi: हरिभूमि) is a daily newspaper published in North & Central India. Established on 5 September 1996 as weekly Hindi language newspaper, in November 1997, this was converted into Daily Newspaper and was launched in Haryana as HariBhoomi 'Rohtak' Edition. With this edition the newspaper covered news from the whole State of Haryana.

In April 1998 the media group started 'Delhi' Edition to cover news from the capital of India, and NCR region including Faridabad and Gurgaon. In March 2001 the group entered into the Chhattisgarh and started Bilaspur Edition, after which in June 2002 it started its office in Bilaspur and started its Raipur Edition. With the Raipur Edition HariBhoomi also covers parts of Orissa.

In October 2008 HariBhoomi Jabalpur Edition was launched in Madhya pradesh. Later same year Haribhoomi Raigarh Edition was launched in Chhattisgarh.