The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series Collection Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”


karak reviews The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series Collection for ps4 and xbox systems.

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  1. If I had to put a scale on the 3 seasons, the season 1 is the best (obviously) then the third is that some them won't put it above the second, believe me, the second has more errors of what you believe, or you will deny it wasted that it was Carver and as the weft of Wellington blurred it? And then I put the 2 as the worst, Yes, you could say that the second season is better written than the New Frontier, and Yes, you are right, but when I remember putting two main story lines, in one season 5 episodes of hour and average of duration each It is impossible to say that the second season is better than New Frontier

    Season 1: 9.5

    New Frontier: 7.3

    Season 2: 6-7 (I can not decide the qualification, but isn't bad game).

  2. Love this series. Season 3 didn’t have any moments like the end of season 1 or the beginning/end of season 2 but was still decent. Even thinking of Lee and Kenny makes me well up.

  3. I bought all of them at one time on Steam. Then I played them one after another. This is the best way to play this game. Then you do get to care about the characters and the story flows better.

  4. i already bought all of these games :/ i don’t see the reason for buying them again. they should have included more, like life is strange had a cd, an art book and directors commentary, that’s the only reason i bought lis twice.

  5. Man, I love your reviews. I like how you preview the points you’re going to talk about before you actually start the review. You have a such a unique sense of humor too. Best reviewer on YouTube

  6. Good review. This release however smells of bullshit. Trying to sell it off as a complete collection to people not knowing Season 4 is coming.Also, fuck Telltale for this. I really, REALLY fell in love with Season 1. For what it was that thing was damn near perfect. Season 2 was already "Ehhhhh"… and Season 3 made me almost quit it multiple ties in the middle. It's amazing how they managed to milk this cow completely dry and still kept pulling the udder when it was only blood coming out.

  7. I must admit that its very tempting to pick up this collection. There is a lot of content that lasts around 40-50 hours, which is quiet impressive. However, there isn't anything extra such as, developer interviews, behind the scenes making of videos, etc. I would pick up the collection, but only after there is a price drop. Thanks again Karak for another awesome video!

  8. In case u don't know they did add one thing that we all wanted and that it own separate trophy list and it own achievement list… If u already played the previous versions and got all the trophies and achievements this version the enhanced version u get to unlock it trophies and achievements

  9. i am getting it because i love twd comics show and games and also i want to beat it again and get the achievements again for xbox 1. i also just dont want to wait for it to go on sale because i want to play it again


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