PAPERS PLEASE inspired NET SECURITY Game! – Bystander Gameplay


Falcon’s Bystander Gameplay. Let’s Play Bystander, a papers please inspired game all about network security.

In this One Shot of Bystander Part 1, we do what is right for the ministry! As always, If you enjoy Bystander and would like to see more gameplay, let me know with a comment n’ thumbs up!

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About Bystander

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Bystander is an opportunity to become an agent for tracking the network activities of your civilians for the glorious ministry. Let’s Play Bystander!

Your task is to search among other people’s correspondence on the network those that contradict the current laws, copies of which you will receive by fax. Follow the new laws, look for the hidden meaning in each phrase and, of course, report violations!



  1. you but papers please in quates and in the beginning, you adorobke little scam master…

    🍆also it technically wasen't scam, but on mobile i see papers please and "new bystanddr inspired" tajes up the space…. good going youtube

  2. Oh we have a thinker here. You're not paid to think about what people might do or to think about what should be outlawed or censored.You are given clear instructions and you will follow them to the letter and not alter them! Your job is to follow and apply the rules your given, not make them or change them ! Did I make myself clear !

    And if your performance doesn't improve I will show you what happens to people that think they know better on what should be done than the goverment.

    Glory to Arstotzka, comrade Falcon!

  3. @11:35 What if the field of view was for a movie camera shooting the whole street?
    @17:00, @20:20 I believe you need to mark Outdated as CLEAR, because the Guilty mark is for things to be followed up on and investigated. If they're outdated, there's no need for followup.

  4. Yooo Falcon, why did you have to remove the Martial arts Brutality game?? Anyway, i just wanted to tell you that you can change your characters looks from the main menu. if you go to challenges you also get customisation points.

  5. Hi, Im a developer of this game, thanks for review!
    I can write you later, when the game will fully released and send you few keys for ur subscribers ;D
    p.s. revolution texts is ok, it will be forbidden after day 9 or day 10 as I remember


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