Factor 5’s WeFly – Exclusive Gameplay Trailer


Check out my full video here ➤ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFVM5NVqQpM&list=PLE51D8DC24EBCBFA5&index=1

Factor 5’s WeFly was their take on Pilotwings for Nintendo Wii. The game was never announced and was cancelled in 2008. Enjoy this exclusive gameplay trailer showing an unfinished build of it in action featuring music from composer Chris Huelsbeck of Turrican and Star Wars Rogue Squadron fame.

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  1. Nintendo were foolish not to pick this up as a Pilot Wings title. I don't know about anyone else, but seeing this and listening to the beautiful and relaxing music has me wishing I could post the "Shut up and take my money" meme as a comment.

  2. Factor Five! Come back to Nintendo pleeeeasssee! I'm such a Pilotwings fan and this game captures the magic of Pilotwings 64 that the 3DS game never. The lighting, the music, the movements. Man, how could this have not been a thing! Looks amazing.


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