Easy SMX PC / Mobile / PS3 Controller Review | A decent third party entry?


THIS IS A SPONSORED VIDEO. Here is a look at the Easy SMX controller, which can be used on PC, mobile or the PS3. We look at the hardware quality, ease of use and any drawbacks vs the Xbox 360 controller.


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  1. If they made a controller for pc that had mechanical switches I would be soooo happy. I end up having to replace the membrane in "old faithful" twice a year or so because the A button will start to stick.

  2. An Xbox controller clone? No thanks. I already find the Xbox controller worse than the PS controller. It doesn't work at all for 2D games or fighting games and it's not comfortable for long periods of time. For me the perfect controller would be the PS4 controller without the light, the touch pad, the gyroscope and with a larger battery life and the Nintendo D-Pad.


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