BHU Asks Students To Write Essay On GST In Kautilya Arthshashtra


BHU Asks Students To Write Essay On GST In Kautilya Arthshashtra

BHU Asks Students To Write Essay On GST In Kautilya Arthshashtra

New Delhi:  MA Political Science students at Banaras Hindu University (BHU) seemed perplexed with questions on GST and globalization they had to attend during first semester exam. What baffled students, is not only that the questions were out of syllabus but correlating the two thinkers with the present day examples was out of context for many. Adding more to the woes of students, the question carrying 15 marks out of the total 70 had an internal choice, which was as puzzling as the first option. First semester students, appearing for the Social and Political Thought of Ancient and Medieval India’ subject are right now pondering over the marks they are going to secure for the analysis they have done in the exam.

The students were asked to write an essay, carrying 15 marks, on any of the topics: ‘Nature of GST in Kautilya Arthshashtra’ or ‘Manu is the first Indian Thinker of Globalisation.’

As reported by the Indian Express, ‘Professor Kaushal Kishore Mishra, who set the question paper, said he had “interpreted the two thinkers and taught their philosophies through new and current examples like GST and globalisation”. “It was my idea to introduce these examples to students. So what if these are not in the textbook? Isn’t it our job to find newer ways to teach,” he said to the leading daily.

However The Hindu says, ‘BHU faculty were left wondering how such questions got through the moderation process.’ ‘Even if one seeks to investigate whether there was a taxation system similar to today’s GST in the Arthashastra, it could at best be a research paper that we may judge on its merits. But in an exam that tests the knowledge of students in the areas taught, such questions have no place. Whoever set the paper has acted mindlessly,’ The Hindu quoted M.N. Thakur, who teaches political science at Jawaharlal Nehru University.

While students have taken the issue to social media and the debate is on now. When few students say the professor had discussed about this in the class, students of the affiliate colleges have a different story to tell. With confusion still shrouded, all eyes are now set on what steps the authority will take in this regard.

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