2019 Aston Martin Vantage WORLD PREMIERE TECH REVIEW


MotoMan gets an exclusive advance look at the all-new 2019 Aston Martin Vantage. He takes the opportunity to go on a deep technical dive – from the Mercedes Benz sourced 503 HP Twin Turbo V8 to the changes Aston Martin engineered to give the German V8 an Aston Martin personality . . . and sound. From there he goes through the components that make up driving dynamics and of course, geeks out about the Aston Martin interior design . . .

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  1. High MotoMan, I am a recent subscriber and I am enjoying your reviews. Thank you.
    I am not currently an Aston owner and am awaiting the new German power plants/ electrotec models just like this Vantage. I really like the styling inside and out.
    I will be choosing a classic colour and leather interior package if available. You know , Connolly leather and racing green out or Navy Blue and Connolly leather inside. I guess that dates me. Thank you again for the reviews

  2. (●♡∀♡) I am in love like never before. Seriously! It is like Aston Martin designed and developed the new Vantage just for me. Finally, the best compact looking mid-front engined car ever made.
    ⊙︿⊙ But sadly, there is only one problem.

  3. THIS HAS to be one of the most beautiful cars on the road today! Definitely one of the most beautiful aston has created. Not only is futuristic, but its sport, elegant, and sleek.

    And Mercedes/AMG, you a are blessing for this car.. that exhaust, and engine. Just wow.

  4. The new design is moving the brand forward. There is a new generation of money out there that wants a newer, progressive look. People that don't want their father's 911… This is the vehicle for them. I think it's a game changer in this price range.

  5. The street car weighs 3375 pounds / 1534 kilos …. Aston Martin could have done much better. … they should have hired some Lotus engineers to do a PROPER JOB of weight reduction and proper suspension … They could have attained 2900 pounds if they were truly smart … they chose to take many decision shortcuts …. sell this poor design to the rich … but stop the B.S. of how great it looks … IMO the Jag F-type is much better looking

  6. First thought was of disappointment that Mercedes had had too much input and changed it too much, but the more I look at it (especially in red) I see it as an Aston and a great looking one at that! Even if the lights do look like the Mazda mx5

  7. Design: 9/10. I like everything except the headlights. They look proportionally too small for the rest of the front end… too narrow. From the front, the headlights evoke a comparison with a new Mazda Miata, which is not something Aston designers should want (I had the same opinion of the Vulcan). Other than that, superb.

  8. Beautiful and a bargain at 180k even though I cant afford one. Strikingly beautiful aesthetically, I would take this over new nsx or the 488 and you can get a 7speed manual, and not those pansy ass paddle shifters.

  9. More supercar in the vein of Porsche 911, Ferrari 488 etc. than a GT. Less is more front fascia not really looking that good honestly. The back end is a little bit more successful with 3/4 view from the rear it's best angle.
    Interior is Aston Martin's weakest point even with the older generation, Jaguar has overtaken them in leaps and bounds I think. The button count and arrangement on the center console is far too many and visibly not good. They could have mixed and matched a few actual buttons/switches ( main/vital ) and some in touchscreen ( secondary ).

  10. I absolutely love the design! The headlights and hood lined are simple and elegant, the grille is very unique and aggressive, the back end is wild with that massive diffuser and slim tail light… Miles ahead of the horrendous and dull DB11!


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